Human Design Blueprint
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Find out WHO YOU ARE and HOW to express your TRUE SELF with support of a certified Human Design Guide and without breaking the bank
If you’ve ever wanted to find out who you are and how to express yourself, you’ve come to the right place.

If you are a Human Design enthusiast, you already know that Human Design can help you express yourself and transform your life.

Unfortunately, a lot of you are wasting your time on self study and spending days or even months trying to find answers online.

You know what I’m talking about, right?

I get it. You think why spend money on something that you can get online for free but...

Typically, people consuming free information are left with

More confusion
There is a ton of information and no clarity how to actually apply it in your real life.
So, you don't see any changes in your life.
And time wasted
...well, that's a pretty obvious one when you try to go at figuring this all out alone.
The reason self study doesn’t work is because it does not give you a solid foundation and moreover you have nobody to answer your questions along the way. Sounds familiar?

Take a look at everything you

get when you sign up for your

custom Human Design blueprint

The Blueprint was created specifically to help you recognize your talents and apply them for transformation in personal and professional life without breaking the bank

When I say The Blueprint works to recognize your talents and apply them in real life, I mean it. In fact, I can PROVE it.

Case Study #1: From a Frustrated to a Satisfied Manifesting Generator.

Client 1 is a Manifesting Generator 5/1 had the urge to do it all herself and help everyone around her. That was tiring her up and not letting her do things that she wanted. She has spent months trying to do her own research on Human Design and find the answers to her frustrations but it was still clear as mud.

After getting the Blueprint and having a solid understanding of who she is and why she was ignoring her true sacral responses and satisfying the expectations of others, she changed her behaviour and started to see how her mental health balanced out and she got the desired time for herself and her family, instead of wasting time and energy for things that don't matter.

And she isn’t the only one. Check this out…

Case Study #2: From a Bitter to a Successful Emotional Projector

Client 2 is an Emotional Projector 4/6 who has a tendency to jump into experiences without understanding what she can bring to the table. That led to a couple failed projects and her feeling bitter and unrecognized.

She has tried reading about Human Design online and even purchased a couple books but day after day she was getting more confused.

After getting the Blueprint and understanding her talents and how she is supposed to express them she stopped making impulsive decisions and got the invitations to communities where she started to flourish and be recognized.

Pretty exciting, right? If these people can transform their lives, then you can too!

Take a look at everything you

get when you sign up for your

custom Human Design blueprint

All you need to get results is just like them to order the Blueprint today! Let’s take a look at what all you get when you order now…
The Blueprint
You'll receive a complete customized guide to recognizing your talents. Unlike other Human Design Blueprints, not only you get the information in a nice and easy to read PDF format but the ongoing support of a certified Human Design Guide in a private group where you can ask all your questions.
Part 1
Part 1
Type (Who you are and how to express yourself)
Part 2
Part 2
Strategy (How to communicate with the world without resistance)
Part 3
Part 3
Authority (How to make correct decisions for you)
Part 4
Part 4
Defined Centers (Your strengths and powers)
Part 5
Part 5
Undefined Centers (Your areas of growth and potential wisdom) 
Part 6
Part 6
Channels (Your energetic life force)
Part 7
Part 7
Profile (Your role and purpose in life)
Plus, Access to a private community where you will be able to receive support and get your questions answered (I’m sure you have a lot of them).
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The Blueprint
Who is this for: Human Design enthusiasts who are tired of wasting time and money on resources that do not give real answers and ready to recognize their talents and see the results without breaking the bank

What’s included:
  • 30-page blueprint
  • Access to private Facebook group for on going support
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The key to real life transformations is to have a solid foundation and an understanding of who you are – and that’s exactly what you get when you order now!
Question And Answer
Q: Who is this for?
A: The customized blueprint is for anyone who wants to see real life transformations in their professional and personal lives. If you’ve struggled with not knowing how to recognize your talents and express them to achieve fulfillment, then this is for you.
Q: Do you offer any sort of payment plan?
A: Unfortunately, due to the customized nature of the product I am unable to offer payment plans on this specific product.
Q: How do I access the Blueprint?
A: Once you order your Blueprint, it will take about a week or two to get the Blueprint ready and in your inbox. You will get an email from me once it is ready. Once you order the Blueprint, you get an instant access to the private Facebook group.
 Q: What if I don't understand the Blueprint
A: I will be the ongoing support in the Facebook private group. The purpose of the group is to support you in your journey. Whatever questions you have, I will be covering them in the group.
Q: Why do I need it if there is so much free information online?
A: Without a solid foundation and a guide who can answer your questions, you’ll waste months or even years of your time without seeing any real transformations.
I will become your guide in the journey of self discovery
  • Certified “Living your design” guide (IHDS)
  • International Human Design School
  • Going through the Professional Training program (PTL)
My support and ability to listen and guide will help you find your way to true self and not give up.